2016, Donald Trump, the Pope, ISIS, the Islamic Invasion, and a terrorist attack on the Vatican

The Geneva Bible notes state that the Millennium is past and that currently we are experiencing the Gog and Magog invasion into Europe and America of the Turks/Moslems. A consistent interpretation of fulfilled prophecy of the phrase “fire came down from God out of heaven” indicates that people and the government will reject the invasion, persecute the invaders, and get rid of them.

Some other considerations: 2016 is 1,260 years after 756 A.D. when the Donation of Pepin occurred giving the Pope temporal power and control of the papal states. The pope’s control of the papal states ended in 1870 which was 1,260 years after 606 A.D. when the Pope was declared to be the “Head of all the Churches” and “Universal Bishop.”

The year 2016 has been predicted in Historicist writings since the 18th century or earlier. The pope is scheduled to lose some degree of his power. The next date in the series is 2060, which is 1,260 years after 800 A.D. when Charlemagne was crowned as the “Holy Roman Emperor.”

When the Pope attacked Trump, Trump hinted that it would be terrible if ISIS attacked the Vatican before Trump became President since he would defeat ISIS.

If and when the Vatican is attacked by ISIS, which as everyone knows, is ISIS’ ultimate trophy, I can promise you that the Pope would have only wished and prayed Donald Trump would have been president, because, it’s true , it’s true this would not have happened because ISIS would have been eradicated.” — Donald J. Trump

An attack on the Vatican by ISIS would certainly seem to be a fulfillment of the 1,260 day-year prophecy.

Read more about the year 2016 in prophecy: September 20, 2016, is Rome Liberation Day.

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