Worship or Obeisance – Deceitful Translation in the New World Translation

The Jehovah’s Witness cult teaches that Jesus Christ was not worshipped during the incarnation. In order to deceive people, the JW’s translated the Greek words which are normally translated as worship in other Bible translations as either “obeisance” or “worship” depending on whether it was in reference to Jesus or not. The one exception to that practice is in reference to Cornelius worshipping Peter which the NWT translates as obeisance. To demonstrate the deceitful translation of these words in the NWT, every occurrence of προσκυνέω and προσκυνητής has been cited below noting whether the NWT translated the word as “obeisance,” “bowed down,” or “worship.” It is also important to observe that the NWT only includes a footnote of an alternate translation of προσκυνέω when it is translated as “obeisance” or “bowed down.”

From the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures 2013 Revision:

προσκυνητής – a worshipper

In reference to the Father
John 4:23 worshippers

προσκυνέω – to make obeisance, worship

In reference to Jesus
Matthew 2:2 obeisance ft. Or “to bow down.”
Matthew 2:8 obeisance
Matthew 2:11 obeisance ft. Or “bowed down.”
Matthew 8:2 obeisance
Matthew 9:18 obeisance ft. Or “bowed down.”
Matthew 14:33 obeisance ft. Or “bowed down.”
Matthew 15:25 obeisance ft. Or “bowed down.”
Matthew 18:26 obeisance ft. Or “bowed down.”
Matthew 20:20 obeisance ft. Or “bowing down.”
Matthew 28:9 obeisance ft. Or “bowed down.”
Matthew 28:17 obeisance ft. Or “bowed down.”
Mark 5:6 bowed down
Mark 15:19 bowed down ft. Or “did obeisance.”
Luke 24:52 obeisance ft. Or “bowed down.”
John 9:38 obeisance ft. Or “bowed down.”
Hebrews 1:6 obeisance ft. Or “bow down to him.”

In reference to Cornelius worshipping Peter
Acts 10:25 obeisance ft. Or “bowed down.”

In reference to satan
Matthew 4:9 an act of worship
Luke 4:7 an act of worship

In reference to the Father
Matthew 4:10 worship
Luke 4:8 worship
John 4:20 worship
John 4:21 worship
John 4:22 worship
John 4:23 worship
John 4:24 worship
1 Corinthians 14:25 worship
Revelation 4:10 worship
Revelation 5:14 worship
Revelation 7:11 worshipped
Revelation 11:16 worshipped
Revelation 14:7 worship
Revelation 15:4 worship
Revelation 19:4 worshipped
Revelation 22:9 worship

In reference to Greeks worshipping at the feast
John 12:20 worship

In reference to idols of Moloch and Remphan
Acts 7:43 worship

In reference to worship at the temple in Jerusalem
Acts 8:27 worship
Acts 24:11 worship

During Jacob’s blessing to the sons of Joseph
Hebrews 11:21 worshipped

Revelation 3:9 ASV Behold, I give of the synagogue of Satan, of them that say they are Jews, and they are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.
Revelation 3:9 NWT bow ft. Or “do obeisance.”

In reference to demons
Revelation 9:20 worshipping

In reference to those worshipping in the temple
Revelation 11:1 worshipping

In reference to the dragon and the beast
Revelation 13:4 worshipped

In reference to the beast
Revelation 13:8 worship
Revelation 13:12 worship

In reference to the image of the beast
Revelation 13:15 worship
Revelation 16:2 worshipping
Revelation 19:20 worship

In reference to the beast and his image
Revelation 14:9 worship
Revelation 14:11 worship
Revelation 20:4 worshipped

In reference to the angel speaking to John
Revelation 19:10 worship
Revelation 22:8 worship

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