LXDE OpenBox disable raise window on click

The default behavior in Xserver in Linux and other *nix systems for window managers used to be that left clicking on a window focused the window without raising it above other windows on the screen. This behavior allows you to work simultaneously with windows on top of each other without one window being raised above the others and hiding them. If you wanted to raise the window you could click on the title bar of the window instead.

To disable raising windows on click in LXDE with OpenBox edit “~/.config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml”

Remove or comment out “<action name=”Raise”/>” in the following section of the file.

    <context name="Client">
      <mousebind button="Left" action="Press">
        <action name="Focus"/>
        <!-- <action name="Raise"/> -->

After saving the file and restarting the window manager you should be able to left-click to focus on windows without raising them.

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